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What is the range of the Buzzy bike?

The range of the bicycle depends primarily on the battery used in the bicycle. All versions of the BUZZY bike have a 36V and 48V battery of different capacity. Assuming a 17.4Ah battery and 48V voltage, we have 835Wh at our disposal, which will allow for a range of 80-80 km. For a 36V battery with a capacity of 15Ah, 540Wh is available. The range with such a battery will be up to 100-120km with a power consumption of 250W

Can I legally ride the BUZZY bike on public roads?

BUZZY bikes are suitable for riding on public roads and cycle paths throughout Europe. The BUZZY bicycle belongs to the PEDELEC category and is powered by 36V with a rated power not exceeding 250W. The maximum speed of the assisted bicycle is limited to 25 km/h. In the FUN EDITION version, it is possible to make a 16s7p package with a voltage of up to 60V / 45A with a motor of up to 1500W, however, it should be remembered that such a battery and motor are not approved for use in electric bicycles with electric assistance - European Standard (EPAC) and use from such a vehicle on public roads is at your own risk. No additional licenses or registration of such a vehicle are required to use the BUZZY 250W bike, however, we undoubtedly recommend using a helmet for each model. Having a throttle on e-bikes up to 250W is also not allowed in the EU.

What is the difference between the PAS assist sensor and the throttle grip?

The riding assistance sensor, or PAS (Pedal Assistance System), is an essential element of electric bicycles in European countries. This sensor allows you to automatically activate motor assist while pedaling. The thumb throttle is placed on the bicycle's handlebars and connected to the controller. Using the lever, we can move the bike or move it without pedaling. A lever in the EU for bicycles classified as pedelecs up to 250W is not approved for use.

EPAC electric vehicle categories.

​• Pedelec - speed up to 25 Km / h, motor power up to 250W - is not included in the classifications, it is treated as an ordinary bicycle;
• Pedelec - speed up to 25 Km / h, engine power up to 1000W - category L1e-A - bicycle with a strong drive;
• Pedelec - speed up to 45 Km / h, engine power up to 4000W - category L1e-B - moped / moped;
• E-bike - speed up to 25 Km / h, engine power up to 1000W - category L1e-A - bike with a strong drive;
• E-bike - speed up to 45 Km / h, engine power up to 4000W - category L1e-B - moped / moped.

What is the waiting time for a BUZZY bike?

The BUZZY electric bike is currently only available for pre-sale. The waiting time is updated on a regular basis, but is not less than 30 days. Send an inquiry to us to contact us for the current deadline.

What is the guarantee for the BUZZY bike?

The company provides a two-year warranty on the BUZZY bicycle for all electronic and mechanical components. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from errors in driving technique, jumps or acrobatics, as well as damage resulting from construction changes, modifications and modifications to the bicycle, as well as mechanical damage to paints, elements of permanent use such as: chain, belt, tire, brake pads, etc. is obliged to report the defect within 7 days from its occurrence to the e-mail address Using a defective product may lead to further damage and carries the risk of an accident, personal injury. You need proof of purchase and warranty card to initiate the warranty procedure. After the end of the warranty period, you will still be able to use our technical support. We will be at your disposal, you will always be able to contact us.

How to charge the bike and what is the battery life?

The batteries used in the BUZZY model are produced by the well-known producer Green Cell. Their quality and reliability is confirmed by thousands of users around the world. A dedicated charger is provided for each battery, so it is important not to use other charging sources. The battery is sealed and the cells are of high quality. The intelligent BMS system constantly monitors the operation of the battery, which ensures reliability and safety during charging and protection against, among others, deep discharge, overcharging or overheating of the battery. There is no need to recharge the battery after each pass. Remember, however, that before a longer period of non-use of the battery, it is recommended to recharge the battery to about 80%. The battery should be stored in a positive temperature. Batteries can withstand 500-900 charges without a significant loss of capacity, which translates into approximately 3-4 years of use. After this period, the capacity of the battery may gradually decrease. The decrease in capacity will be manifested mainly in the shortening of the range, not the power of the bike.

How do I maintain and service an electric bike?

The maintenance and service of the basic mechanical components of an electric bike is carried out in the same way as for classic ones. The bicycle's electric components do not require any maintenance. However, you must remember that it is an electric bike and pay more attention to the weather conditions in which you leave it, systematically charge it (even if the bike is not used for a long time). Never use a pressure washer to wash your bike, only a damp cloth. Dry it thoroughly after washing. The BUZZY bike in the version with a belt drive does not require maintenance of the drive elements, in the case of the chain, perform its maintenance regularly, especially in winter.

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